Police Pursuit

In this exciting police chase game your job is to catch the criminals and smash their car. Follow the red arrow that leads you to the criminal car, and then destroy the car by smashing in it.

Use arrow keys to drive, and X for drift.

IMPORTANT: This game use Adobe Shockwave plugin, and you can download it here: Adobe Shockwave Download . After downloading you need to install it and restart your PC. When you try to run the game after installation and restarting, in the game window would be written: Adobe Shockwave for Director . You must click on that and you will se a small window and in that window click on Show All and then click to Shockwave for Director. In the menu on right side choose Allow and Remember. Then click on Adobe For Flash and in the right menu again click on Allow and Remember. Now you can play the game. Shockwave is not supported in Google Chrome anymore, so if you want to play, use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Police Pursuit
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